If You’re dreaming
                                        for a long time about...

pearl necklace, pearl ring, earrings, pendant, bracelet, or brooch for fair, reasonable price, with guaranty to return the item within 14 days,

If you want to buy a gift - pearl, coral or mother of pearl - for yourself or people’ in your life occasion like
• Birthday
• New Year
• Christmas
• Valentine’s Day
• Mother’s Day
• Wedding anniversary
• or any important event
• and if you want to make a present to your relative or friend, who is in another city or another country

but the prices in jewellery boutiques are not affordable,

and you’re interesting about:

What is the pearl per se?
What’s happening on pearl’ market?
Why the prices for pearls turn to be more affordable now?
How to buy a pearl necklace, earrings, ring or bracelet for less?
(In other words - not to overpay for what you can buy cheaper),
and if you want to know how to care about pearls,

This site is for you.

Our online-shop is not auction. So, you don’t need not worry about the price fluctuations, terms of delivery, possibilities to get money back. We’re oriented not for one-time sale, but build long term relationships with customers. If you're so farsighted that decided to buy a pearl necklace and – later- buy matching ring, bracelet or earrings, you can be assured that we will find them for you, even if these goods are not in our catalogue.
Those, who have ever bought pearl necklace or bracelet in jewellery shops, were probably disappointed either with overwhelming prices or the quality of the articles. In many cases, the pearl selection is not too scrupulous - the visible spots on the surface or non-perfect roundness are obvious. Nothing of this sort you will find here. Our pearls are only good and excellent quality. Therefore, we are ready to get the goods back with 100% price refund (with the exception of any of the shipping and local customs charges incurred) without any explanations from the customer.

Descriptions of the goods are professional, truthful, and completely true.

If you have any special requests, or you do not see on our pages what you'd like to buy tell us. We fulfil any reasonable request of our customers.


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