Why us?

3 simple reasons why buy pearls from www.perle.com.ua

1. We are prefessionally transparented

On this site you can find much more professional, honest information about pearls than in dozens of other sites. Moreover, this information is objective and does not push you to buy as soon as possible, but help you to make right choice. The decision you can make basing on understanding of the true price of pearls depending on its size, shape, quality, origin, etc.

2. We love pearls that's reflecting in our articles

With any thing you buy, you want to see a serious attitude to quality, and look forward to its long and happy life. A guarantee for this will be our professionalism and experience.
Two examples to illustrate this. For those who do not read another page Necklace: pay attention, it will be useful to know that many manufacturers knot string directly to a clasp' ring. This is unacceptable:
Firstly, this method unsecure and in case of sudden rupture a lot of pearls may be lost,
Secondly, the thread rubs about margin of hole,
Thirdly, it is simply not aesthetic.

Our necklaces are assembled properly.

Knotting to clasp: thread passes through french wire, returned back to second/third pearls and knotted. The knot is indistinguishable from others. Thus, the thread near the clasp is protected from dirt and abrasion.
Knots between pearls prevent brasion by rubbing the pearls against each other. We knotted pearls individually, separating each other. With this simple, «classical» solution we avoid friction usually occurred in non-knotted necklaces and bracelets. Also it prevents all the pearls in a strand from falling off should a break occur.

Tightness of «nuts» (earbacks) on earring studs is a weak point of studs.

To improve the situation we propose improved version of earbacks, with silicon outside the nut (golden articles) or inside (silver articles). The pin goes through the silicone liner, and keeps the stud securely.

At the same time the process of putting on and taking off remains simple as previously. Two colors — white and yellow — are available for 14 K gold studs.



3. We propose the most competitive prices

We’re oriented on Ukrainian market, and keep the price lower than in EU countries. The total cost, for example, for Tahitian and South Sea pearl jewellery (incl delivery) for European customer will be cheaper than their local ones.

Below you can find few most typical F.A.Q.s. These ones could help you to make right decision.

Q: Once more about competency: Are you experts qualified enough for classification and evaluation of pearls? ?
A:   Yes, of course. It confirms by Certificate of Successful Master course "Certification and expert evaluation of precious stones of organogenic origin" issued by the State Gemmological Centre of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.
Besides, jewellery business was a subject of licensing in Ukraine. We’ve got the license for retail trade issued by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Serie AB № 444089.

Besides, purchase here -

It’s affordable — Goods of any price range for fair prices
It’s reliable — Money Back Guarantee for International orders for 30 days. No questions
It’s easy — just 3 steps and goods sent to you
It’s safe — We do not collect payment card data, shipping insured
It’s convenient — Taking orders by phone 8- / eMails 24 hours a day. Door-to-door delivery
It’s economic — No overpayments. No VAT
It’s quick — Delivery with express couriers
It’s a pleasure — Select and order at home
It’s joy — Goods in a gift box/pouch

Advantages of our shop

  • Fast and safe delivery

    Delivery with EMS, TNT, DHL, FedEx, UPS or recommender airmail

  • 30 days for decision making

    Delivered jewelry does not match your style? We get it back and give you 100% REFUND. Your opinion is our priority.

  • Safe and secure payment

    YOUR SAFETY with on-line payments and SECURE processing is our PRIORITY

  • You are co-author of designer

    YOU are DECISION MAKER for jewelries designed. You choose length of necklace or bracelet, color, shape, and origin of pearls for rings and earrings.

  • Elegant packaging

    Velvet box or pouch matched by style and color to your order - FREE GIFT!

  • Discounts for permanent clients!

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