For many centuries there was an opinion that pearl is the gem that does not need refinement. Indeed, his natural perfection let us do not apply efforts to make pearl more attractive.

However, many pearl’ funs do not find in the pearls new shapes, panes, and flashed margins. This problem was solved in the last century with faceted pearls. Combination of velvet pearl surface with many-sided, faceted shape was very successful.

Jewellers have gone further, and new types of refined pearl entered the market. Pearls which are not just machine-cut but processed by carvers. There are truly a piece of art masterpieces!

One of the latest advances in the handling of pearl incrusted with different gemstones - diamonds, sapphires, rubies, topazes ... Of course, the main obstacle for massive distribution of such products is theirs relatively high price. It's not just the cost of raw materials and labour work. Each product is usually protected by one or more patents. Therefore, the patent owner holds monopoly-high prices or sells costly license to manufacturers that also affects the price for the end customer.
If you've passed through our catalogue, visited the pages describing the pearls, their differences, definition of authenticity, then you could probably assume that the philosophy of our business is to make the pearls more affordable. Therefore, in Exclusive Jewelry we offer rings, earrings and pendants with STAR PEARL™ at very reasonable prices.

Meanwhile, in our case exclusivity does not presuppose the highest prices. We are able to keep it moderate, since the products are manufactured by own proprietary technology (Ukrainian patents №51233 dtd 12/07/2010, №92703 dtd 25.11.2010, and Russian patent №XXX dtd XX.XX.2011). Articles presented here you can not find in other shops.
STAR PEARLS™ is a pearl, encrusted with one or few precious stone - topaz, sapphire, ruby, or any other depends upon buying capacity.

Encrustation is made by patented technology and presented new stage in the creation of jewelleries made from natural pearls. Now you should not compromise between the warm glow of pearl spheres and piercing brilliance of diamonds! All this is combining in one - STAR PEARLS™.
Upon your request we can made pearls, including from one to seven inserts, depending only upon your tastes and wishes.
However, we do not abandon our core ideas to make good quality pearls affordable to most buyers. You may choose gemstone to be inserted in the STAR PEARLS™.

If you want to have the STAR PEARLS™ for example, with topaz, we will make it. If the main criterion for you
is the flashes of facets, then we will offer CZ diamonds. The price will be few folds lower. You will be able to highlight and shade the colour of the pearl by variety of colours - red, pink, lavender, amethyst and champagne.

We’re constantly working on creation of composite inserts made of pearls and offer a new product - faceted pearls with CZ diamonds. Almost any earrings, ring or pendant can be presented with faceted STAR PEARLS™.

If you want to use it in other frames, we are pleased to offer you STAR PEARLS™ in bulk or by piece.