We try to advice you about pearls choice with very few tips.

Good news for gentlemen who decided to present pearl arcticle to Xmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, birthday or any occasion:  pearl jewelries have significant advantage - with this present you may  rellief yourself from headache abouth next present to coming holiday or other event. Normally ladies put on a set of decoration, not sole ring, or sole pendant, or sole necklace. To reach harmony the set is necassary.
Few centuries ago a social etiquette predicted to every lady to have such set. It called "parure" (fr.parure — set of decoration).

There are
small parure (half-parure), contains 2—3 items (brooch, earrings, ring etc) and used for everyday putting;
big parure (full parure), which one may consist of about 15 items (diadema,necklace, brooch, earrings, bracelet, rings, cuff-links, buttons, clasps, pins, agrafes, fermails, feroniers etc).
One put it on for very important occasions.

Modern etiquette does not insist on taking all of these items, and look like these Russian empresses.  Meanwhile pearl necklace, earrings, pendant, ring, and bracelet are to be necessary accessoires for every modern lady. There is no rule to put all these things on, but 2 or 3 items can be easily choosen from them, more matching to occasion.

If you're looking for pearls are perfectly round, with a high luster, do not tend to fancy colors and shades, ready to pay a high price, you may choose Akoya pearls. However, keep in mind that the average size of Akoya pearls 7-7,5 mm, and increase in diameter over 8 mm pearl affects price significantly.

If you want to make impressions for any price, buy big Tahitian or South Sea pearls of exotic colors, the real avatar of luxury and opulence. The size of these pearls started just 8 mm and reaches 14 mm and more.

You will need holiday gift or occasion, you are looking for unusual colors, styles and shapes necklacesWant something "Not like everyone else", But you reasonable approach to the relation looks / price? Buy freshwater cultured pearls. Do not believe those who say that low quality freshwater pearls. Appearance, quality of goods - a question the correctness of the selection of a fair and seller. Our store offers only quality pearls in different colors and shades. You can order from Delia from a combination of white, pink, purple, black and other colors.




1% of the total crop
Luster: excellent
Surface:> 96% without defects
Shape: Round, the deviation of less than 2%
Nacre: a thick layer


5% of the total crop
Gloss: very good
Surface: 90-95% without defects
Shape: round / circular, the deviation of 2-5%
Nacre: a thick layer


20% of the total crop
Luster: very good
Surface: 80-90% without defects
Shape: round, the deviation is not more than 5%
Nacre: medium / thick


50% of the total crop
The commercial value is moderate (in our store this is not for sale)
Luster: moderate
Surface: moderately dull, with small patches
Shape: round, the deviation is more than 5%

B or C

<50% of the total harvest
The commercial value is very low (in our store this is not for sale)
Luster: bad
Surface: glaring defects that are visible to the naked eye
Shape: round, oval, "potato", irregular
Nacre: poor quality or thin

If the pearl oyster was formed irregular shape, but she has a good shine, it does not mean that it is "defective." Of course, its price is much lower than perfectly round. But it is - a creation of nature, it is unique, as unique and individual products of this so-called pearls Baroque. If you strive for originality, choose a necklace of baroque pearls. Be assured that you will not see the same on someone else.

Clasp. This "little" thing sometimes plays a very important role. If your choice stopped on not expensive pearl necklace or bracelet, it will be logic to reject golden fasteners, which can increase the price of the product twice. At the same time, jewelry with expensive pearls require gold buckle to finish composition.
We offer you a wide choice of clasps from silver and gold - white or yellow 14K/585 samples according to your taste.

Delivery. All our products will be delivered by courier service on your choice. Our preferable agent is EMS, but we can also deliver your order with couriers UPS, TNT, FedEx, DHL or ordinary (recommended) mail.

If you buy the product as a gift and want it to be delivered directly to the intended targets, we will do it. We will not invest in this package documents, proving the value of jewelry, if you so wish.
You have not yet decided on a product category or pearls that gelatin to buy? You may be not without interest Recommendations on selection of jewelry.

The thread should be knotted between each pearl to prevent all the pearls in a strand from falling off should a break occur. Knotting also prevents possible damage from the pearls rubbing against each other.
The AA+ pearls are button-shape and appear perfectly round from the front, with a slightly flattened shape when viewed from the side. In AAA quality, the pearls are truly round with a bright, reflective luster. The earrings are mounted on solid 14-karat gold posts.