As you coud notice, the procedure of check-out in our shop does not allow to pay without order confirmation. Very likely you want to add few inches to your necklace, replace pearls with bigger ones, combine colors etc. Sometimes customers even do not think about these services.

Therefore our trade process looks like this:

             You      You and We 
choose the products,
      inform us

discuss details of articles, 
  agree details of delivery

send out the order

Methods of payment:

1. T/T transfer
2. payment with VISA / Master Card

How to pay with VISA or
Master Card   here

Please make a notification if order form that you want to pay with VISA card or Mastercard. We forward to you banking invoice for on-line payment.

By clicking on button PAY!, you will be re-directing on processing server of Privatbank. To complete the payment you need a mobile phone.

Withdrawal is executed by using OTP technology (One-time Password), and acklowledged by international certificates Verified by Visa и MasterCard SecureCode. Transaction needs confirmation with password you get into your mobile as SMS. This password can be used only one time. Processing is secure, comforms the highest banking standards.

We are taking care about your financial safety and security. We do not collect and keep data of your credit and debit cards.

Other methods of payment are possible upon mutual agreement.