Necklace: pay attention

If you are going to buy pearl necklace, pay attention to few peculiarities.

Pearls are to be stringed with special thread, not fishing line or steel wire (the excetions are necklaces collar type and relevant bracelets. In these articles steel wire is used to shape multi rows/lelels articles to necessary size).

So, why a thread should be used?

Unfortunately, a thread of pearl necklace is fraying with time. If the pearls are stringed with fishing line, it's not a good replacement for thread because: firstly - it could be cracked and broken at place of critical curve, secondly - it could broke suddenly, in the most "unfriendly" moment. Thread can rupture as well, but you can forecast this moment by checking necklace, and seeing fridge, maching. If you notice it, that's a time to re-string the necklace or bracelet the sooner the better. Actually, re-stringing should be performed once per 2 years or more often if you put necklaces/bracelets on a regular basis. (Please see How to care about pearls).
Of course, if jewelry wire will be used for necklace, a risk of rupture will be miisirable. But following complications will take place:
1. If - anyway - a wire (as wel as line) get ruptured, all the pearls of your necklace are falling off. many of your beautiful pearls will be lost.
2. Being stringed on line or wire, the pearls are in close contact, and rubbing against each other. Besides, this necklace looks like rigid ring-shaped roll. It's absulutely non-acceptable for mid- and long necklaces. These ones can not be knotted with one or two knots, in Coco chanel style.

That is why soft but strong threads from polyester or nylon are used for stringing. It helps to avoid abrasions, and safe from loosing many pearls in case of break; you loose only one bead, as worst case.

We use Japanese polyester threads to enhance durability and guarantee of our pearl necklaces and bracelets.

In section Your choice we describe variety of pearls, so omit this information here. But we want to focuse your attention on other issue - a clasp. It depends upon you, from what metal it's made, the most important idea is to be sure that finished article looks perfectly, and will have long life.

To make it possible, professionals use french wire to to cover a thread on fastening place of clasp to pearl strand. It prevents from abrasion and dirt.

Please pay attention on this important point when buying necklace or bracelet.