Cut down expenses

Our shop is focused primarily at pearls per se in jewelry. We emphasize the pearls natural beauty and originality ether in pearl necklace ring, brooch, bracelet, pendant or earrings. At the same time we are seeking ways to avoid any price increase. We refuse from big stocks leasing, unnecessary services of sellers, middle men, warehouse workers etc.

Concerning basic materials, our approach is the same: use a less expensive metal, if possible. If the buyer agrees with this, we do it. Of course, we follow a common sense. If you want to have earrings with Tahitian pearls, the logical solution would be to choose the gold for metal parts, to complete the composition. Different case - a small ring or a necklace of freshwater pearls: the price of gold setting or clasp can reach 60-70% of the whole price of  necklace or bracelet.

We offer pearl necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets and pearl rings at prices, lower than at other stores, using these features:

1.    With regard to pearls, the concept of "brand" is very doubtful. Pearls as a gemsones, are valued for their properties - lustre, shape, size, color. If you purchased jewelry of well-known brand with large, beautiful high-quality pearl, you did not throw away you the money. Whereas branded product with faux pearls demonstrates low taste, what joy you would have with this "glamorous" thing. Meanwhile non-branded ring with a natural, large, high-quality pearl can look really nice. Big "anonymous" pearl always looks much more advantageous than the "branded" shallow one. We can fit pearl to ring setting, and vice versa. You will be co-author of design, and do not overpay for someone's name.

2. Striving to buy gold jewelry is quite understandable: gold is tarnish-free and has a noble appearance. However, for far less money you can buy jewelry made from less valuable metals, such as silver. Overlayed by white gold or rhodium, these earrings, ring or pendant will be undistinguishable from those ones made of solid gold. Metal parts of our many pearl jewelries are made of silver. It makes them much more affordable.

3. Many buyers consider the gold clasp is mandatory for pearl necklaces. We do not object when speaking about short necklace, like chocker, or princess. As for the long necklaces – more than 60 cm - matinee, opera or rope, they do not need clasp at all. You save up to 40 Euro, if refuse golden clasp. Pearls are knotted circularly, and the ending knot is undistinguishable from others. Make an order such necklace and define the length and color you want in our shop!

4. According to common approach, the most expensive pearls have perfectly round shape. However, in the industry the unique pearls of irregular shape – baroque – have been successfully used for a long time. Each of these pearls is beautiful with its individuality, and leaves no doubts concerning authenticity. But the price of baroque pearls is much lower than perfectly round ones. In our store you can find such necklaces or pendants with baroque pearls.

5. Trend of combination pearls with diamonds leads to price increase. Meanwhile the diamonds in the setting are often undistinguishable even by expert from cubic zirconias. Cubic zirconias are excellent substitutes for diamonds, when combining with pearls. Their sparkling facets create a unique image of jewelry. It’s extremely difficult to discriminate them from diamonds by naked eye, this test requires special equipments.
Pay attention to our ring, earrings, pendants and brooches with pearls and cubic zirconias. By their prices they are comparable with bijouterie whereas sparkle cubic zirconias are undistinguishable from diamonds.

6. Having bought pearl jewelry as a gift once, you can return to our shop next time, to choose matching by style complement, i.e. ring to earrings, brooches, or necklaces. By this way  you can buy a set of decorations with time.

7. If you decide to make an order, share your shipping expenses with a friend, just making an order for 2 persons.