About pearls. Your choice

If you decided to buy a ring, earrings, brooch, necklace of pearls or mother of pearl or coral beads, earrings, bracelet, just take a few minutes to read this page. It contains conventional, «classical» principles helping to choose right decoration, and spend your money wisely. Also it helps you to choose the most suitable decoration, taking into account individual features of appearance, skin tone, age, occasion, which is expected to wear pearls.
Necklace. Most often, the question arises about size of pearls. This question is not irrelevant, and associated not only with the price. It is clear that the larger the pearl, the higher the price. Moreover, the difference in diameter of 1 mm may have an impact in increasing prices in 1,5-2 times, if it is a pearl larger than 9-10 mm. At the same time, there are many other factors to be taken into account when making decisions. So,

6.5 - 7.0 mm
Typically, the pearls of this size fit to very young girls although in some cases it may be luxurious look for older ladies. In particular - the multistrand (2, 3 or more) necklaces, and collars.
The main reason to choose these pearl - the assumption that pearls of bigger size will look like, taken from mom’s box”, or even worse – the fake ones

7.0 - 7.5 mm
Beautiful, classic size, preference for those seeking a middle ground - "not too large, but not too small". As a rule, it is a choice of customers who buy their first pearls. A wonderful gift on the relevant occasion for example - graduation. This size may be optimal when purchasing necklaces of Akoya pearls, basing on the ratio size - price. Right after this size prices for Akoya pearls started to increase significantly. So, if you aren’t looking exactly for Akoyas, come boldly to the next category, which is not greatly increased in price -

8.0 - 8.5 mm
The bigger the pearls - the higher the price. This rule was especially relevant in the past times. Nowadays in the era of cultivated pearls it is not so crucial, and this size is the most popular. Whereas in 19 century the cost of necklace from 8-8.5 mm pearls was comparable to diamond jewellery, now it’s relevant to price MP3 player. The luxury becomes affordable, so you can choose not only chocker but also opera or rope in  Coco Chanel style.
This necklace would be an ideal choice for a gift for birthday or special occasion.

9.0 - 9.5 mm
Those around you will be astonished, seeing these pearls. They are big, but match for both girls and ladies in age.
Perfect gift for special occasions - birthday, wedding anniversary, or just to show how You love Her.

10 millimetres or more
You definitely assert yourself in this necklace. If you are considering it as a matter of absolute luxury and want to pose challenge, it’s an ideal choice. Ladies, who can afford such an accessory, show surrounding self-worth and know that the heads of men around will be turned in her direction.

However, a reasonable care should be taken in choosing the length of a necklace with large pearls. If it will be too short, and located just on the base of the neck, impression can be wrecked.

Mentioned above refers not only to the classic round pearls, but for baroque pearls as well. Do not miss the opportunity to pick up necklace with big baroque pearls. It always looks unusual, elegant and unique. And its price is less from one third to half from the cost of round pearls.

There are some basic rules to be followed when choosing neck jewellery. The older you get, the longer and more massive should be necklaces. Chocker with small pearls matches only youthful neck with a young and tender skin. Wearing tiny pearls, ladies at the age draw attention to wrinkles and other manifestations of age.

It is also necessary to take into account the structure of the neck. Chocker with round pearls in pastel shades suits long slender graceful neck. Multi-row tall collar looks particularly advantageous. At the same time you should not wear V-shaped necklaces, as they visually lengthen the neck.

For those with a short neck, the best option will be to wear chains and necklaces with length 5 cm below the collarbone. It can be classic necklace princess, opera or multi-row V-shaped necklaces.

Ladies with a strong neck can take large chains and necklaces not shorter than 46 cm, and avoid short, and especially round, neck ornaments.

Those, who have thin neck, should abandon the necklace tightly grasping his neck, as well as heavy and powerful necklaces that cover the collarbone.

Varieties of pearl necklaces on their type and length you can see below. Remember that the type of necklace is determined only the length specified in inches but individual the location on the neck. In other words, necklace length 42 cm at full neck will look like chocker (collar), whereas on thin neck, it will be placed below the collarbone, and classified as "princess".


This necklace is placed in the middle of the neck, tightly embracing it. This splendid Victorian-style necklace usually has a length of 30-32 cm and composed of two or more threads. Ideal choice for dresses with V-neckline and dresses with naked shoulders.




This classic single-strand necklace usually has a length of 35-42 cm and suitable for the neck of any shape. This is the most versatile necklace - a good choice for everyday output, and for fashionable parties. It will be shown in all its glory and with the collar unbuttoned blouses, and any little low-necked dress.



Best suited for round or exaggerated neck line. Princess’ length is usually 45-47 cm; good for combination with pendants.





It fits perfectly with casual or business attire. Length - 50-60 cm





Necklace of royal length - 70-85 cm. It can be worn as a single train, and folded in half as a double choker. If the neck is thin neck, and pearls are not large, then this necklace can tied with knot.










Elegant and sensuous necklace rope has always been a favourite of the main collections of Coco Chanel. Necklaces of this type are more than 120 cm and often contain hidden clasps, which allows shorting the necklace into of several independent threads. These necklaces can be worn in several loops and can be easily tied with a knot.






For fans of Coco Chanel style, and those who is looking for new ideas in wearing a long necklaces, pictures below may be of interest:


Choosing earrings, it’s desirable to avoid those articles exaggerated the shape of the face. Round big earrings are not suitable for ladies with a wide round or heart-shaped face. The good choice in this case will be elongated and flat, with pendants, instead of earrings in the form of rings, balls, circles. Earrings of curved configuration match better than those with clear geometric shapes.

Girls with long/elongated oval face are not recommended to wear long earrings. They fit better circled earrings, and large earrings convex shape.

Owners of "triangular" face should not wear earrings clear triangular shape, and the ladies with "square" faces should escape earrings of square and rectangular shapes. For both types the good option will be classic studs.

Do not think that the irregularly shaped ears can be “corrected” with earrings with big bright stones. In this case better do not draw attention to the ears.


When choosing a ring, lady’s age must be considered. Tenderness youthful skin is accentuated by subtle rings of simple design or rings with small gems.

Large rings with big gems, Mabe pearls are a good fit for aged ladies. Small ring will attract undue attention to her hands, which are not as good as previously.

When choosing a ring, do not forget about the shape of fingers. Rings made in horizontal design fit ladies with long, thin fingers as well as patterned and massive rings.

It is not recommended for women with short fingers to wear a broad ring, closing the space between joints. The brush ring vertical or asymmetrical design, with triangular motives visually lengthening short fingers.

Owners of nodular, "male" hand with major joints can take wide ring with large stones. These decorations can visually reduce the joints.


By choosing bracelets, make sure that they fit: the space between the bracelet and the wrist must be part of one finger. Clasp should be hassle-free to open and close, even on a new bracelet, do not have cracks or other damage.

Bracelets of thin chains are only recommended for owners of narrow wrists (or ankles). They also may wear bracelets, tightly grasping the wrist or elbow.

From bones sticking to the wrist, the bracelets of large mobile units, large round pearls or round bracelet of medium thickness help to distract the attention. Wide wrists require massive bracelets, which in no case should fit tightly to the hand.


When choosing brooches pay attention to the pin. It should be elastic, without any burrs, not exceed the size of brooch, not able to open spontaneously. Brooch is the final piece of toilet, so it should be chosen with care, especially because it is rarely included in the kit or set, but mostly sells separately.

Usually brooches are put near the edge of a round neck dress or attached to the lapel of a jacket. You can decorate a lapel sweater with a brooch. Major massive brooch can fasten the waist of asymmetrical dress or fix waistband of skirt. The brooch is not combined with a dress that has shiny buttons; it will not fit to sport-styled suits.

Вышеперечисленное охватывает различные по классу украшения, но следует помнить главное правило: то, что надевается должно смотреться гармонично. Для этого существует этикет, полностью следовать которому не всегда обязательно, однако, он построен на многовековом опыте и мировых традициях. Прежде, чем пренебречь ими, приглядитесь. Возможно, Вам не придётся изобретать колесо заново. А вероятнее всего, окружающие будут просто шокированы Вашими знаниями и культурой ношения украшений из жемчуга.

Дело в том, что украшения из драгоценных камней и жемчуга в частности не надеваются в отдельном экземпляре, будь то серьги, колье или кольцо. Это естественно, ведь для достижения гармонии нужен комплект.
Few centuries ago a social etiquette predicted to every lady to have such set. It called "parure" (fr.parure — set of decoration).

There are
small parure (half-parure), contains 2—3 items (brooch, earrings, ring etc) and used for everyday putting;
big parure (full parure), which one may consist of about 15 items (diadema,necklace, brooch, earrings, bracelet, rings, cuff-links, buttons, clasps, pins, agrafes, fermails, feroniers etc).
One put it on for very important occasions.

Modern etiquette does not insist on taking all of these items, and look like these Russian empresses.  Meanwhile pearl necklace, earrings, pendant, ring, and bracelet are to be necessary accessoires for every modern lady. There is no rule to put all these things on, but 2 or 3 items can be easily choosen from them, more matching to occasion.

Для тех, кто не принадлежал к королевским семьям, имелись следующие предписания этикета:
«Выбор драгоценных украшений ограничен строгими правилами и зависит от возраста и обстоятельств. Хороший вкус предписывает по возможности иметь полные парюры, заключающие в себе: серьги, брошку, колье, медальон или крестик на шею, браслет, запонки, иногда даже гребенку для косы, кольца, цепочку для часов и ручку для зонтика»...
Упоминание ручки для зонтика сейчас вызывает улыбку, однако, отголоски такого подхода имеются и в наши дни – многие носят мобильные телефоны с брелками.

Почему бы этим брелкам не быть жемчужными?

Recommendation for wearing jewellery

Remember about age

For very young girls, the elegant rings, chains and earrings of gold and silver with not big pearls, crystals, turquoise, coral and other semiprecious stones are the best choice.

Older ladies can take more expensive jewellery - massive earrings, bracelets, rings of gold and platinum with precious and semiprecious gemstones. But in any case an evidence of good taste is a sense of proportion.

Artful combination

Jewelry, worn at the same time, should match in style and form: thin rings with small stones combined with large rings and big earrings of different geometric configuration look very ugly. You should avoid wearing jewellery with stones of different colours (except transparent and colourless). If several rings are the one hand, only one of them can be with a gemstone.

It is believed that the white and yellow metals should not be mixed. This is not true. Better if both metals, such as gold or platinum, yellow and white gold, are connected by a single object: a ring, or a bracelet. But golden ring and silver watch, worn once, will be discordant.

When buying multiple jewellery, it’s recommended to buy earrings firstly, and than pick up necklace, bracelet, ring for them.

Select to apparel

In addition, the decorations should match the colour of the toilet or, conversely, to contrast with it. Gold, diamonds and pearls suit any colour.

Broad and massive bracelets better wear with dresses from smooth fabrics or costumes, seasoned in the ethnic spirit.

Threads with blue stones look good with blue-green and black dresses. Yellow-green or cold gray-blue stones fit together brown, beige and orange hues. Violet stones fit to the yellow robes, and wine-yellow - to the gray-blue. Beads of dark red and green colours can be combined with gray suits. White pearls and amber look great with laconic black suit.

Necklaces with glittering gemstones and pendants are recommended only for special occasions and require barenecked dresses.

Emphasize individuality

When choosing clothes, makeup as well as jewellery, the eye colour, hair and skin appearance should be taking into account. There are four types: spring, summer, autumn and winter.


White, clear skin delicate peach-collared face. Being even little excited, it’s covering with pinkish spots. Taking the sun easily, but tan acquires a reddish tint.

Usually, they are blondes, with blue, green or golden-brown eyes.

They fit fine exquisite jewellery with lavender and cream pearls in yellow and white gold or platinum.


Women this type have bright, clear skin with blue veins stood out. There are also individuals with bright crimson or olive skin tones. This type is easily taking the sun, and the skin gets a brownish overtone. Hair can be any colour from white to very dark tone, but they are not gleaming red or gold. Eye colours are blue-gray, light blue, gray-green or hazel.

For this type of women vintage decoration fit most of all. From modern gold it is better to choose white or red but not bright yellow tone. A pearl should be gentle, but cold and muted shades: ideal gray and pink pearls, white coral. Look superb with diamonds.


Women of this type have the skin completely devoid of warm shades of blush, with golden lighting, usually dark or yellowish. Such skin tans poorly. They have red hair, warm shades - from the carrot-and copper-red to brown. Eyes are deeply coloured: radiant blue, steel gray, amber, deep-olive, golden-brown and dark brown.

Red corals suit women of this type, as well as pearls with a saturated color: golden, yellow, chocolate.


The main difference from other types of winter’ ladies is a bright contrast. Very bright, transparent-bluish skin contrasts with dark brown or black hair. This skin is practically can not tan and has a cold porcelain shade. Eyes of saturated colours: brown, black, bright gray, violet, icy-blue, dark blue - in contrast with bright whites.

This type can take - without any doubts - gemstones of saturated colours: diamonds, red coral, black, white or gray pearls. Yellow gold is not recommended. More suitable is platinum, silver or white gold.

In summary we can say that the pearls effective from the late XX century became more democratic, than historically predetermined. It turned a decoration that matches every outfit. If diamonds look appropriate only with certain dress, and on the relevant occasion, the pearls can be worn with evening dress as well as with jeans and sweater.