About pearls. Where are they come from?

Pearls of the South Sea, freshwater pearls, Akoya, Tahitian, Mallorca pearls... Which ones are the real pearls? What is the difference?

Of course, you can ask a counter question: "And for what is it? Why should I get knowledge about them? I like pearls, I want them, basta!" And you are absolutely right. However, the source of origin and quality of the pearls are the ground of manipulation. When the game is tricky, you probably pay more. In this case the lack of knowledge would cost you a lot.

Very often the pearls of similar size, shape, and lustre can be purchased at unfair price. And if the high price will be the fair one for the pearls of Tahiti, then dyed freshwater pearls under any circumstances can cost so much.
Most often, pearls are distinguished by origin

•    Akoya (saltwater) pearls
•    freshwater pearls
•    South Sea pearls
•    Tahitian pearls

and another kind of beads that, actually, is not a pearl at all. The most true-to-life term for them would be "imitation" or faux pearls.

•    shell pearls (South See Shell Pearl, SSSP).  This kind of imitation is made from the shells’ valves, painted and varnish to reach colour, size, shape of simulated genuine pearls. It is quite popular in the manufacturing of bijouterie, fashion jewellery. Obviously, the fair price of these “stones” should be hundreds and thousands times lower than that price of genuine Tahitian and South Sea pearls.

There are variety of imitations of very high quality: Mallorca pearls, X-treme Lustre Pearls from Misaki. But not always manufacturers openly tell that their products are not true pearl. Very often merchants and shop assistants in jewellery stores are not aware about this fact. It’s happening in European Duty Free Shops and many of branded boutiques. High price of the product often confuses customer; nobody can believe that high-cost jewellery is made of pearl imitation. Although, nothing wrong with wearing such jewellery, but the customer should be informed openly about this.

Be careful! The price of genuine pearls depends on its Quality (shape, surface, size, lustre), and origin (place of cultivation).
Take a few minutes to familiarize with the information given on this site, and you will educated enough to verify pearl jewellery for yourself or as a gift, choosing the best option.

You can also take advantage of our recommendations for choosing pearl as part of the jewellery composition, and pearl sets. Regardless of what you want to buy – no matter what are you going to buy - necklace, earrings, ring, pendant or bracelet.