About pearls. Wedding pearls

The question to wear or not pearl necklace on wedding ceremony sometimes evokes dispute. Where is the correct answer? As always, it’s determined by the common sense and practice.

Look at this photo – does the necklace fit bride, doesn’t it? As for the superstitions and rumours, you can be assured. Pearl always carried the image of purity and innocence, a single pearl per se is a symbol of the foetus, grew up in the oyster. Probably, it caused beliefs that the decoration with pearls help to pregnant women bear the baby successfully.
Question «What colour? » for wedding necklaces, earrings, pendants or bracelet, of course, not actual. Definitely – only white.
Although, it would be fair to say, that pink pearls finds its place in wedding dresses as well.
Even the bride refuses pearl necklace for any reasons, she often wants to take golden chain with pearl-pendant. The pearls will be a good sign for her as future mother. Large white pearl may be a good alternative to necklace.
The choice of wedding necklaces are not limited today with simple single-strand necklace. Two-or three-row necklace varying lengths, as well as special  V-shaped wedding necklaces are available now.
Natural complements to the necklace are earring studs and bracelet. Bracelet can be chosen in the same style as the necklace - two-or three-row.
Bridesmaids should not be left unattended. On European and American weddings girlfriends often support common style of wedding celebrations, wearing pearls (of course - somewhat more modest than that of the bride).
Bride dress, embroidered with pearls, looks luxuriously. In our catalogue you can find loose pearls or strands for such purposes.
No doubts the pearl wedding kit comes in handy later in life of married couples. Pearl did not go out of fashion throughout history, and putting pearl jewelleries, the owner will always go back in her thoughts to one of the most solemn and happy occasions of her life ...