About pearls. Tahitian pearls

Tahitian pearls are global-famous big black pearls of highest value, exceptional beauty. Sometimes these ones are referred to as varieties of South Sea Pearls, but due to theirs originality they are classified as separate group. Only on Tahitian archipelago, there are no such ideal conditions for life black-lip oyster Pinctada margaritifera, producing these amazing pearls. Tahitian pearls evoke dreams from childhood: the beauty of the tropical night, the quiet lapping of waves, unfamiliar smells, the whisper of wildlife. Jewelleries made of black pearls are always extravagant. They make a woman bright, unique, and memorable.

Tahitian pearls are cultivated mainly in the islands of the archipelago of French Polynesia - territory equal to Europe. Although the climate of this place looks like as a paradise, pearling even there is not an easy task. Despite the large size of the mollusc, the nucleation is performed only for a single pearl on the shell. Percentage of rejection of pearls is very high. It takes from 2 to 5 years for the cultivation of good pearls. Only 40% of the cultivated oysters give commercial yield. Pearls of high quality found in a ratio of 1:500. Too much or too less? Good or bad?
Prior to the development of methods of cultivation, from 10.000-15.000 oysters caught, only one was provided with a pearl inside ... Since they were formed around the small nucleus (for example  grain of sand or sea parasite), which has no round shape, then they were far from being perfectly spherical. Therefore the round black pearls often could possess only royal persons. Up to 19 centuries of Tahitian pearls had reputation "Pearl of Queens" and "Queen of Pearls".

Tahitian pearls are extremely original. Large - from 8 to 19 mm in diameter (sometimes even 22 mm!), with the amazing diversity of colours and shades: green (peacock), eggplant, cherry, gray, chocolate, etc. Sometimes the variety of these overtones plays not very desirable role: each pearl is so unique that to pick up a pair for it for earrings is not an easy task. As for the necklace, then the selection is ideally suitable pearl in colour and tones can take years. The price for a necklace made of high quality Tahitian pearls starts from a few thousand dollars.

Unlike conventional A-AAA classification systems, Tahitian pearls are ranked by own system:

Highest quality (Top gem) - Lustre: excellent. Surface: defect-free, pure 100%.
A - Lustre: very strong. Surface: 90% no defects, 10% shallow concentric defects.
B - Lustre: Medium. Surface :> 70% without defects, 30% shallow concentric defects, of which 1-2 are deep.
C - Lustre: medium. Surface: > 40% without defects, 60% shallow concentric defects, 10% of them are deep.
D - Lustre: Matte. Surface: <40% without defects, 60% concentric defects, 20% of them - deep, may be in the form of white strips.

Authorities of French Polynesia strictly monitor the quality of the exported Tahitian pearls: deep defects in more than 20% of the surface are not permitted to sell, nacre thickness should not be less than 0, 8 mm. For Akoya pearls it’s a desirable upper limit, meanwhile...
Tahitian pearls can be presented by shape as:
- Round, round;
- Pear, drop, button, oval;
- Semi-baroque;
- Baroque;
- Circled.

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