About pearls. South Sea Pearls

...I know pearls a bit. Take that biggest one. It's perfect.
Not a cent less than five thousand dollars.
Some multimillionaire will pay double that some day,
when the dealers have taken their whack.

A Little Account With Swithin Hall. Jack London, 1912.

South Sea Pearls - The exclusive pearls, which are so highly appreciated, that their price are not reduced even under the pressure of competition, of best examples of large freshwater pearls. This is truly a precious gemstone.

South Sea Pearls - the umbrella name for sea pearls, cultivated near the coast of Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Burma. These ones are differ from the other pearls with a very large size up to 17 mm. To some extent it is not surprising - the mollusc-host Pinctada maxima has a weight of 5 kg.

South Sea Pearls are aristocrats among other pearls. Their colours are amazing and unique: light silver, gold with shades of the spectrum of pink, cream, champagne, yellow, green and blue. In contrast to freshwater pearls, colours of South Sea pearls are natural, pigmented by oyster, so evenly distributed throughout the thickness of the nacre. Velvety sheen and depth of the radiance of the South Seas pearls make outstanding impression.

Special unique characteristics of South Seas pearls are:
- Thick nacre of 2-6 mm
- Silky shine coming from the depths of the nacre, as if reflecting the warmth of the South Seas
- Delicate and diverse range of colours and tones and overtones. Most often colours are white, silver and gold, but there are pearls of carbon black with green overtone, blue, brown, red and yellow.
But the main difference of the South Sea Pearls is their big size. With its increasing an ideal surface occurs rarely, and price increases astronomically.
Impression of South Seas pearls outperforms those make by diamonds. Etiquette plays significant role in pearls popularity: according to bon tone, diamonds can be worn only at night, whereas pearls - at any time of day.
Large golden pearls are unbeatable in rings and pendants. Necklace from the baroque or classic round South Seas pearls simply do not meet any competition from other precious stones. Pearls much cheaper than diamonds, rubies, topazes, but what makes them so desirable? Man keeps in subconscious the thought: Pearl is the most "vivid" gem stone.

It is unlikely that the secret of his attractiveness will ever be solved, but his aura is as obvious as it is mysterious.
This is probably why the necklaces of South Seas pearls put on Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, and nowadays – Sophie Loren, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Monica Bellucci, Uma Thurman, Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sandra Bullock.
It is believed that a wardrobe with stylish fashionable lady is incomplete without this royal decoration.

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