About pearls. Our time



«Pearls Are New Girl's Best Friend»
Advertising on the London buses

Appearance of this slogan on a double-decked buses of most conservative nation in the world means that the pearl' fashion is finally recognized. To some extent thanks to the Tiffany’ efforts, which opened a jewellery shop in London, dedicated pearls only.

Pearls are continued to be appreciated as a symbol of prestige, luxury, permanent beauty, and, of course - good taste. Such “promotion” was made by recent predecessors of today's cultural beau monde (Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren etc) and the political elite (Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Diana), and our contemporaries, permanently shown on TV.

Pearls are started to use increasingly in children's jewellery. For this case pearls should not be small; today pearls for baby necklaces or bracelets quite affordable. Besides, the necklace or bracelet can be re-stringed and lengthened when the child begins to grow rapidly.
Giving, for example, pearl earrings, you can continue to create a pearl collection, complementing it in the appropriate style with necklaces, ring, pendants, brooch.

Pearls - the perfect gift for any event in woman life - Birthday, New Year, Mother’s Day, St. Valentine’s, school or university graduation, wedding anniversary.

Another reason, borrowed from the Italian culture: if a man has upset his darling, in a sign of reconciliation he should present the pearl jewellery.

How does it turn, that in old times the only beau monde persons held good quality pearls, but now these ones are affordable for any person with enough starting from the middle? On the following pages you will find the answer to this question, as well as learn how and where the pearls are harvested, how to determine that the pearl is genuine.

Unfortunately, the development of pearl culture is sustained by several hassles. One of these – huge amount of low-quality pearls; the customers are disappointed and frustrated.  Myths about Pearl are also contributed in wrong perception. And last but not least, - unduly inflated prices.

We try to give more transparency to this.
If you want to buy pearl necklace matching your skin type and even your character, it’s not necessarily to spend time by walking on the jewellery shops. Often, staff can not give you complete information on the type of pearls, quality, origin, care about them, can not provide you with appropriate pearl service. As a rule, pearls do not prevail in their assortment. If, fortunately, you reach specialized "pearl store”, the prices there look like digital inscription below the bar code.

Choosing pearl earrings or rings, buyers also often faced with models frustrated expectations: instead of presenting a pearl as the centre of the composition, manufacturers offer a massive frame of the precious metal around a small - 7.5 mm pearl. Pearl has been “lost”...
The concept of our shop is diametrically opposed.

We strive to make the pearl jewellery affordable to you by price, acceptable by quality, colour, design, available with fast delivery, and provide with after-sale service. We emphasize the pearl, rather than the metal in his frame or ephemerous brand name.

Contemporary designers and craftsmanship, using big, high-quality cultivating pearls, create products of artistic value, which could be an object strong envy of our ancestors. Strings of pearls are sometimes used in most unexpected applications, reinforcing the mystery of femininity and sexuality...