About pearls. Myths about Pearls

The pearl,margarita,is a small stone but a precious one;
it is white, compact, found in shellfish andconceived by heavenly dew...
Note that the pearl conceived from the morningdew is whiter and of better quality
than that from theevening dew.

From Bestiarum vocabulum, XII-XV century

Myth # 1. Natural pearls are very expensive.
Rebuttal. It’s not, not always like that. Perception of pearls’ high cost contributes to the lack of information or its misinterpretation. The pearls being sold nowadays in 99% of cases are cultured pearls. This does not mean that these pearls are unnatural. They grew up in the same molluscs, like theirs’ predecessors, fell into the hands of jewellers 100 and more years ago. The only difference is that the foreign body with which the formation of a pearl is started, is inserted by human hand find not by chance.
It is quite natural that such a process of obtaining pearls was under control, and pearl hunters rely less on luck and more - on the conscious and purposeful actions, increasing the yield. It is logical that under these circumstances the value of is reducing. “Wild” pearls in very small quantities are still on the market, and it remains extremely expensive just because of its rarity and randomness. There is no difference in the nacre of “wild” pearls and natural cultured pearls.

Myth #2. Pearl jewellery should also contain high-cost precious metals or precious stones

Rebuttal. They should not, not necessarily. It is a matter of taste, culture, traditions, and perhaps - priorities. Pearls are valuable because of natural perfection. If the own natural beauty is on the first place, it’s needless to frame pearls with array of gold, no matter how fashionable it may look. Added diamonds not always improve the aesthetic value of the product.
Classical one-, two- or three rows necklace and simple earring studs modestly emphasize elegant taste, whereas the abundance of “extra-gold” sows doubts about this.
Nowadays many manufacturers make metal parts of pearl from silver, overlaid with white or traditional yellow gold or rhodium (platinum group metals). This significantly reduces the price, and does not affect the wearing comfort and appearance, no allergy worry.
As for additional insertions of the stones, the diamonds can be replaced with more affordable zircon crystals.

Myth #3. Pearls - unaffordable luxury
Rebuttal. Difficult to agree with this. The “halo” of pearl jewellery is mainly stipulated by the tradition of overcharge them and use gold in excessive amounts. In case composition is finished with diamonds, the price of pearl earrings or a ring is really looks like a phone number.

Another explanation of high prices is a chain of middlemen, and - one of very few objective factors - the cost of retail jewellery business. Normally jewellery shops are located in the heart of the city, where occupancy cost are very high.

In our product catalogue You can find a variety of products from high-quality pearls used with silver settings, overlaid with white gold. This coating is not only for tarnish-free protection. It prevents irritations of the skin; this factor is of high value for earrings.

Myth #4. The best pearls - in the products of famous brands
Rebuttal. This misconception comes from the fact that the holders of the famous brands are literally hunting for high-quality pearls. They really select only decent pieces. No doubts, the price of these pearls are multiplied many times. Brand value - related to the pearls - is a very controversial thing. Buying a branded article is rather a deminstration of ability to pay more, than reasonable purchasing of pearl gewelleries (even luxury!) for reasonable price.
Meanwhile, in many decorations pearls often take the central place, and if these ones are of good quality, it does not matter who, where and how get them from the oyster, and where you bought it. If you appreciate a pearl for its own beauty, it is much wiser to spend money for it, paying exactly for its size, shape, purity and brilliance, not for brand. Pearl - the brand itself. Moreover, it’s a very good brand.

Myth #5. Buy pearls only jewellery boutiques

Rebuttal. This point, perhaps, with some reservations could be accepted. If you are willing to pay double price for touching pearls before buying, you can come to jewellery shop located in the heart of the city.
If youIf you are not going to pay for occupancy costs and margins of middlemen, if you want to buy the high quality pearls for less, with the opportunity to get the goods with 30-days refund guaranty, then you do not need to spend time on shopping trips. In our catalogue, you can find what you may be interesting.